Volk Blumenthal Lens Gains Visibility for Superior Suture Lysis Performance

Mentor, Ohio (May 24, 2006) – Volk Optical’s Blumenthal Suturelysis lens was recently cited in a surgical technique note for its enhanced suture visibility in difficult cases.  The contact laser lens, designed in conjunction with Eytan Blumenthal, MD for use in glaucoma treatment, was featured in the April 2006 issue of Archives of Ophthalmology.

Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis Lens
The article, “Laser Suture Lysis Through Thick Blebs Using the Blumenthal Lens,” authored by Albert S. Khouri, MD; Tatiana I. Forofonova, MD, Phd; and Robert D. Fechtner, MD, outlines the use of this newer lens to assist in suture removal post trabeculectomy.  Crediting the localized compression created by a rounded tip design and high magnification, the authors describe how the Volk Blumenthal Suturelysis lens allows visualization of sutures that were inaccessible using prior suture lysis lens designs.  According to the article, the lens is “particularly useful in patients with encapsulate blebs and … where a thick Tenon capsule limits suture visibility.”
The convex viewing surface of the lens magnifies the appearance of the suture 2 – 3 Xs, with a laser spot magnification of .50 – .33Xs.  The unique pointed lens tip creates a strong compressive force to increase the visibility of the suture and stabilize the treated area.  The Blumenthal Suturelysis is part of Volk’s comprehensive line of lenses suited for glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.  The most recent addition to the glaucoma treatment line is the Digital High Mag™, a non-contact lens that provides true 3D observation of retinal layer pathology.

from Volk Optical News, 2006

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